MENA REGION gemiusRanking countries: MENA REGION

Countries outside MENA

Countries from outside MENA region from which internet users connect with MENA region websites. The countries are identified by analyzing data stored in the relevant IP geolocation base. The ranking is created on the basis of the website-averaged percentage share of page views on sites participating in gemiusTraffic.

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no. name page views - average percentage
13.11 - 19.11.2017 06.11 - 12.11.2017 30.10 - 05.11.2017


The ranking presents the percentage number of page views generated by the foreign internet users visiting MENA region web sites included in the gemiusTraffic study. Further information on the methods of calculating the ranking can be found in the Methodology tab.


Please be informed that as of 12 May 2014 rankings are calculated with the use of MaxMind base. The introduced change aims to improve the quality of the presented data. In case of any questions, please contact us.

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